Capharnaüm سوق عكاظ

votre horoscope et votre vie antérieure!


Horoscope chinois du Jour


Oh Master,show some compassion on me,

Please come and dwell in my heart.

Because without you, it is painfully lonely,

Fill this empty pot with the nectar of love.

I do not know any Tantra, Mantra or ritualistic

worship i know and believe only in you.

I have been searching for you all over all the world,

please come and hold my hand now.


“He who sees everything in relation to the Supreme Lord, who sees all living entities as His living parts and parcels, and who sees the Supreme Lord within everything never hates anything or any being.”


“Tales of Mystery and Imagination-Edgar Allan Poe” (Narration Orson Welles)


Arc En Ciel d’Angers, spectacle 2011

Extraits: Ouverture – Bête de Foire – Les Clowns – Clown’s Band – Les Poneys – Les Dompteuses – Les Chiens – Teardrop – Les Poupées – Elisa – Séduction – Un homme heureux – French Kiss – Zydeko – Le lac des Cygnes – La Isla Bonita.


Arc En Ciel d’Angers Spectacle 2011

Extraits: Vestale – Akta – Cafard – Pollution – Le paradis blanc – Nara – Chloé – Feedback – Personal Jesus – Les Anges – Looking for an angel – Broadway – Final – The Boss.




المقطوعة الموسيقية للفنان نصير شمة – رحيل القمر


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Professor Robert Winston meets Lucy, the first upright ape, and follows her ancestors on the three-million-year journey to civilisation. Broadcast in 2003, Walking with Cavemen combined special effects with the latest scientific theories, to show us what it really means to be human.

برنامج وثائقي ممتع يأخذك في جولة مع إنسان الكهوف وهو مترجم للعربية


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